3D-Handlettering – Schreiben mit Schere und Papier

Schreiben – das läuft mit Stift und Papier, geht aber auch mit Schere und Papier, wie uns Alia Bright mit ihrem 3D-Handlettering zeigt. Statt Ab- und Aufstrichen gibt es bei ihr nur Ausschnitte. Für jeden Letter werden zunächst die einzelnen Schnipsel zurechtgeschnitten. Dann legt sie die Buchstaben in Form. Klebstoff hält das Schriftbild zusammen.

Die gelernte Illustratorin erreicht mit ihren Letterreliefs deutlich mehr Tiefe als bei der herkömmlichen Kalligrafie. Was ihr daran besonders viel Vergnügen bereitet: das Spiel mit Licht und Schatten. Hinzu kommt ein völlig neuer Blick auf die Handschrift. Wir haben ein paar Schriftzüge ausgewählt, die uns besonders ansprechen. Noch mehr gibt’s auf Instagram zu bestaunen.






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@ligaturecollective has given me an excellent opportunity to honor my grandmother, my Amma, Shaher Bano Syed. Her story is incredible, and given her always humble and easy nature, it’s amazing to imagine all that she went through to get where she needed to go. She was born in Hyderabad, India. She married right out of high school, and in 1952, with 4 kids, ranging in age from 4 to 8 years old, decided she wanted to become a doctor. The only women’s medical school was in Pakistan, so she packed up her family and made the trek to Karachi. She gained admittance to the school, and 7 years later had opened her own clinic, tending to her community; often women who were too poor to pay her. She had that kind of fundamental generosity. Generosity that was not about making a decision to help someone, or even entertaining the question—it was just what she did. From taking in and raising a troubled orphan, to the important task of sewing a karate gi for my Barbie doll, she was unceasingly there for the people she loved. I think of her when I feel overwhelmed, when I feel like I don’t have time to work, make dinner, *and* read another story to my son. She is a paragon for all that we can be capable of, if we care to be, and I am so lucky to have had this warm, witty, unpretentious, strong woman as one of my role models. She lived with us from before I could walk until she passed, 16 years ago. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. #WomenOfLetters

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One more, with that side eye… #shepersisted

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