Die fantasievollen Torten von Lauren Ko

Man kann eine Torte komplett nach Rezept backen. Man kann aber auch eigene Ideen einbringen – vor allem, wenn es um die optische Gestaltung des Gebäckstücks geht. Die US-amerikanische Hobby-Bäckerin Lauren Ko macht genau das. Ihre Kreationen sprühen vor Fantasie und sind definitiv zu schade, um sie einfach aufzuschneiden und zu essen. Filigrane Muster ziehen sich über die Oberfläche und verwandeln sie in eine zuckersüße Skulptur.


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Ko arbeitet im Hauptjob als Assistentin des Kanzlers der Seattle Colleges, weshalb sie erst am Abend oder an den Wochenenden zum Backen kommt. Für eine Torte, also vom Zubereiten des Teigs über die Herstellung der Füllung bis zur Gestaltung der Dekoration, benötigt sie üblicherweise bis zu fünf Stunden. Die Kuchen-Designs beschäftigen sie aber auch außerhalb der Küche, trotzdem hat sie selten schon vor dem Backen das finale Produkt im Kopf. Ihre neuesten Backwerke präsentiert Ko auf Instagram.









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One of the best parts about this #myamericanpie collaboration with @theresidnyc is giving people the spotlight to tell their own story, in their own words. ⁣ ⁣ We’re continuing the series with Priscila. I’ve made this pie inspired by Incan art and filled with Peruvian comfort food, aji de gallina, to go with her story. ⁣ “Before moving to the US, my view of American life was basically Saved by the Bell. But then in 2002, I moved to Georgia and I realized the “American Dream” my parents were chasing wasn’t going to be as fun as Mario Lopez made it seem.⁣ ⁣ People didn’t know anything about Peru and I didn't want to give them more reasons to consider me an outsider, so I suppressed this part of my identity in order to fit in. As I grew up and moved to New York, I realized that part of me will never go away - I'm Peruvian American and my heritage is what makes me unique and allows me to look at things with additional lenses. I can cheer for Peru during the World Cup and the US during the Olympics. I love ceviche AND grits. I'm a hybrid of where I come from and where I am today - kind of like this pie, I'm aji de gallina but also a pie. This is a country of immigrants, some have been here for hundreds of years and others for weeks, but it doesn't change the fact that despite our differences, we can help each other move forward. It's my new American Dream.”⁣ ⁣ #lokokitchenxtheresidnyc #theresidnyc #myamericanpie⁣ ⁣ Portrait: @buildingshipatsea

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Back in July, I kicked off the #myamericanpie series by sharing my cultural heritage and a pie inspired by my family. One of the best parts about this collaboration with @theresidnyc is giving people the spotlight to tell their own story, in their own words. ⁣ ⁣ We’re continuing the series with Katie. This blackberry mint pie is a stained glass interpretation of Kentucky’s rolling green hills, all of which are drawn from elements of Katie’s story, which she shares below:⁣ ⁣ “My maternal ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, and my father’s family were poor Irish and Italian immigrants, who came to the States in the 1900s. I was initially reared in Louisville, by 5 women—grandmother, mother, aunt, cousin, and nanny—in a tiny house in the forest. It was a very artistic family following the tradition of my great-great-grandfather, who brought his family practice of stained glass from Penzance, Cornwall, England. ⁣ ⁣ My heritage has been the rolling green hills of Kentucky and the humid roots of mangroves in south Florida. I was always running around barefoot in my childhood and loved the outdoors. Lime green, forest green, hints of chartreuse––the colorful hues of this #myamericanpie remind me of the rich forest that I adored as a toddler and the palm fronds that almost seemed explosive when moved by the Floridian winds.” ⁣ ⁣ #lokokitchenxtheresidnyc #theresidnyc #myamericanpie⁣ ⁣ Portrait: @buildingshipatsea

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Well, I’ll be yarned. | A slightly modified version of @bravetart’s Late-Summer Mixed-Fruit Pie via @seriouseats

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Ombré as the main ingradient. 🌈🍒

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