Die gesichtslosen Wandgemälde von Sage

Die gesichtslosen Wandgemälde von Sage 1
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Woran es wohl liegt, dass der US-amerikanische Street Artist Sage keine Gesichter mag? Oder sind seine Wandgemälde einfach nur Sinnbild für die Anonymität der Großstadt? Vielleicht sollen seine Bilder auch die Angst zum Ausdruck bringen, man könnte sein Gesicht verlieren. Gerade diese Befürchtung dürfte ja allerlei Geschäftsleute umtreiben. Am Ende möchte er den Menschen womöglich einfach kreative Gedanken in den Kopf setzen.

“Sage is a self taught artist who lives and works in the United States. His work focuses on contrast, technically and visually. He pairs opposing colors and themes in a surreal way to communicate the emotions of life’s hardships. Combining realistic, abstract and street art techniques, he has achieved a distinct look to represent his ideas. Sage’s main focus is using contrast and representational art to directly draw out the emotions and experiences of the viewer.”

Was es auch ist, Sage malt seinen Motiven alles auf den Kopf, nur halt nicht Auge, Nase und Mund. Stattdessen wuchern Blumensträuße aus den Hälsen oder durchzieht eine Ziegelmauer den Kopf. Der dadurch entstehende Kontrast sorgt zumindest dafür, dass die Betrachter ihren Kopf hinwenden, um sich das Ganze mal genauer anzuschauen. Tja, und genau das kannst du im Folgenden auch tun. Augen auf und hingeschaut!

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"SOLD Growing pains" 50% done still gotta whileeee to go on this one. I've always thought of the human mind like a garden. Ideas grow, certain parts mature and flourish but that's only if you take care of it. But every garden has weeds and pests. I like to think of them as the negativity in your mind. Negativity is a fucking thief. It will steal your time, energy and happiness. And it leave your hopes and ideas lifeless if you let it. You start to see other things in your life suffer and decline in growth because that negativity is killing them. You need to remove all that. All of that self doubt, fear of failing and all those negative opinions of you because they don't fucking matter anyways. What consumes your mind is what will control your life. ***if you could caption this painting what would you say? Best comment wins a print!!

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"Mind Grown" (SOLD) 70% done. 6ft. My favorite piece I've done so far. It's so easy to tear yourself down. It's easy to talk yourself out of things when they get uncomfortable. Easy to put everyone else's happiness before yours. But you need to realize the only way you can succeed is by focusing on yourself and put an emphasis on growing your ideas and growing as a person. I love using motivational concepts to get my messages across. And taking one of the most recognized gestures for self-harm and twisting it to empower yourself is exactly why I love art. So next time you think about doubting yourself, tearing yourself down, or getting mad bc the grass is "greener on the other side", realize your grass isn't going to be greener or even fucking grow until you water it. (Yes he's holding a water gun, 6ft piece + IG format = loss of a lot of detail)

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