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Das hier sind Arbeiten von Visual Artist Micaela Lattanzio. Sie beschäftigt sich mit Fotografie. Ihre Fotos werden aber auseinander genommen und in viele Einzelteile zerlegt und dann wieder zu neuen Motiven zusammen gefügt.

Durch die vielen Teile entsteht dieser leichte und verspielte Eindruck, der die Bilder so interessant macht. Wenn euch diese Bilder hier gefallen, dann findet ihr auf ihrer Homepage noch mehr unterschiedliche Motive!

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“Micaela Lattanzio decodes the body by initiating a process that comes to dismember the epidermal integrity. The body becomes an element of pure abstraction, it is no longer possible to attribute a spatial structure, a specific weight, a definite time. Her meticulous technique, defined by the strictly manual cutout of each single fragment, becomes a cognitive analysis that crosses the boundaries of the image to describe a new conceptual semantic: the body is a relational medium between the different cultural and social connections that emerge from our contact with the world, at the same time, the body is defined through the cultural stereotypes where a collective iconography is the synthesis of different norms imposed by a canonical and institutionalized imaginary.The artist's intention is not to deny the body, but to define the idea of understanding it as a place of appropriation, as a space that can be inhabited and directed from within.The mosaic fragmentation is a linguistic scheme, a new idiom which allow us to read reality: this procedure "frees itself from the notion of depiction of the world, from the sterile conception of mimesis, and opens the space to a symbolic construction of the image", inaugurating the genesis of a deepest emotional synaesthesia.In this journey beyond the body, Micaela Lattanzio expands the material building an abstract territoriality: a physical geography where the points of intersection are combined in the expanse of three-dimensional pieces, signs in which the viewer finds the processes of an evolution, downsizing the sexual and social roles." @galleriacadoro Opening Thursday, March 7 at 18,30/Save the date/ • • #fragmenta #micaelalattanzio #personalexhibition #newyork #newyorkartgallery #womaninart #artnewsnyc #nycartscene #artweeknyc #armoryshow #artconsultant #detailartwork #nycartevents #nyclife #artdealer #artadvisory #artlovers #artconsultant #thearmoryshow2019 #thearmoryshow

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