Kim Britt macht den Vergleich von Instagram und Realität

Kim Britt macht den Vergleich von Instagram und Realität 1
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Die perfekte Beleuchtung, die ideale Komposition, der richtige Winkel und die richtige Körperhaltung, die idealen Farben und natürlich etwas Fotobearbeitung – das ist die Geheimformel für perfekte Instagram-Bilder. Das Hobby der 26-jährigen Kim Britt ist es, zu zeigen, wie sie perfekt posierte Bilder im Stil eines Influencers kreiert, die sie aber neben der Realität stellt, wie z.B. eine Aufnahme, auf der sie versucht, den richtigen Winkel zu finden, oder ein Bild, auf dem sie die gleiche Aktivität in einer natürlicheren Umgebung macht.

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People can pretend to be everything on social media, even if it's not true. . 》I could tell you that I do yoga three times a week. . 》I could tell you that I eat mostly super healthy. . 》I could tell you that I'm always feel comfortable in my skin. . 》I could tell you that I love myself truely. . I could tell you almost everything and you wouldn't know what is the truth and what's not. That's the thing. . We read or see posts online and automatically think they're true, this can even lead us to feel bad, because we think we're the only ones who fail sometimes or have struggles. . 》I can tell you that, I would love to do more sports, but I have a hard time to motivate myself. . 》I can tell you that I try my best to eat fresh and mostly food that gives my body the nutrients who it needs, but I mostly eat sweets or chips as a dessert. . 》I can tell you that I do accept my body and I don't have the hate like I used to have, but sure there are still days, where I don't feel that good in my body too. . 》I can tell you that I work on myself to love myself, but it's harder than it sounds. Selflove is a long process and I just started. You can't just say from know on I love myself. That's not how it works. . Everybody has the sides they don't like to share. We like to share our success and our happy moments, but life doesn't is just that. We fall and we stand up, we fail and learn from it and we try again. That's process and something good, so don't feel bad about it, because you don't see also the not so bright side from someone elses life. You do just fine. Trust me, nobody has their sh** together all the time, not even that yoga girl, or that mindset coach you're maybe following. We all live and we all are perfectly imperfect. . . Feel free to share this or just save it for yourself as a reminder💫 . . Feel huged🧡 . . . Anzeige wegen Verlinkung

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