“Much Loved” – Kuscheltiere, die in die Jahre gekommen sind

"Much Loved" - Kuscheltiere, die in die Jahre gekommen sind 1
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Das finde ich ein sehr schönes Fotoprojekt. Fotograf Mark Nixon hat unseren treuesten Begleitern aus der Kindheit mal eine nostalgische Fotoserie gewidmet. Hier lernen wir Peter Rabbit, Big Ted und Bobo kennen. Einige von ihnen sehen schon ziemlich rampuniert aus, aber sie sind teilweise auch mehr als doppelt so alt wie ich.

Much Loved” gibt damit einen Vorgeschmack auf das gleichnamige Buch, das es für 12,46 € bei Amazon gibt. Darin findet ihr 65 Kuscheltiere mit Infos zu ihren Besitzern. Und was lernen wir wieder? Kuscheltiere aus den 30er/40er Jahren sehen noch wesentlich fitter aus, als ihre Kollegen aus der Neuzeit.

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Pink Teddy (24) Height 13” Belongs to: Aisling Hurley My teddy has had quite an interesting life so far. Pink Teddy was born when I was six months old, on Christmas Day 1988. He was bright pink back then with a red waistcoat and we were instantly inseparable. We have only been apart for a few nights since because as much as I would love to bring him everywhere with me I would just be too terrified to bring him to a music festival! He lost his waistcoat and mouth during my childhood and then a friend of mine gave him a glitter glue necklace which has lasted for a good ten years now. He accompanied me to the Gaeltacht during my school days and he became known as Teddy Bn Dearg. (Gaeltacht is the Irish language word meaning an Irish-speaking region. Children are sent to summer school here to learn the Irish language) He also came to college with me and we spent many years living the student life in Maynooth. But it was during this time that the greatest tragedy befell Pink Teddy. It was the week before Christmas break and we had a huge house party on the Wednesday night. There was one particular person that we were hoping would not show up, a girl who had caused trouble at a house party around Halloween and who knew she wasn't welcome. We had an epic night and the following morning I woke up feeling very happy that the party had been such a success but also a little hung over! But what happened next is burned into my memory forever. When I got up to survey the damage to the house I saw something truly awful... Pink Teddy had been ripped limb from limb... I was in shock, horror... I knew only one person could possibly have done it and of course we had stupidly left the door unlocked with people still straggling home after we had gone to sleep. I was consumed with anger but then the tears started to flow. My housemates woke up fairly quickly when they heard me wailing and they sprang into action. Someone got me a cup of tea and a jumper and then someone carried out the delicate operation of retrieving Pink Teddy and wrapping him up in a blanket. I was distraught so I rang my mam and bawled down the phone. She reassured me that my great aunt Rosaleen could fix him.

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