Nicht zu übersehen: „Baby With A Handgun“

Nicht zu übersehen: „Baby With A Handgun“ 9

Street Art findet draußen zwischen Bordsteinkante und Dachrinne statt. Während Street Artists ganze Straßenzüge in Gemäldegalerien verwandeln, fällt ihre Kunst doch immer aus dem Rahmen. Sie fällt auf.

Das trifft auf die Werke des anonymen Künstlers BiP in zweierlei Hinsicht zu. Seine Murals sind stets großangelegt und können gar nicht übersehen werden. Doch dann fällt uns noch etwas ins Auge: das eigentliche Motiv. Mit Wandgemälden wie „Baby With A Handgun“ liefert er Denkanstöße auf offener Straße. Diesmal in San Francisco.

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and all the questions that go through my mind - do you want to be the one making split second life or death decisions? do you think you can handle that every day with never a mistake? who could? I wouldn’t choose that. I’ll be the first to say I’m thankful for the ones that would. and I believe in my heart no one wants to be the one to unjustly kill another man, I believe that. but at the end of the day…the problem exists that police brutality is out of control. I’m sick in my heart for it. some people say it’s a media thing. as if the news conspired to make it seem more frequent than it is. But I’m a public artist, I don’t make art in response to headlines. I make art about what I see. and I have seen with my own eyes undue intimidation and aggression over and over in neighborhoods I’ve spent time in. where peoples’ honest to god feeling is they are scared to call their own police…like a baby with a handgun and a toy camera…and as much as I wish it were, I don’t honestly think somehow we’re going to talk this through now and solve it just by generating awareness. I think we’re all aware enough at this point. my role in SF is much smaller - I’m just trying to put something authentic in your public art installations. like what it’s like to be us in a city. who we actually are, instead of more celebrity portraits or hopeful images of who we should be. cause for once, a nothing like me actually has the power to do it. I have the ability to show people from all walks of life their experiences are seen in the heart of their cities. I can paint for the public, and not think about making anyone else happy. that’s why I did the one at Westfield, that’s why I did the two in the TL, that’s why whatever happens to me good or bad, I won’t leave just because things don’t go my way, I will stay in this city doing my best for the public until I die. and I won’t always paint something so intense, but I also won’t back down from real issues affecting the people I love. because that’s all I can do as a public artist. that’s all I got. so with all that said, this is the mural I’ve been painting the last few months, I submit to San Francisco, “Baby with a Handgun” @sfpdofficial

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