Sony 3D World Werbespot – “Two Worlds”

Sony 3D World Werbespot - "Two Worlds" 3

Hinter diesen wunderbaren Werbespot für Sony stecken Spyfilms aus Toronto. Mit einen (etwas überarbeiteten) Gedicht von Leonard Cohen -“That’s What I Heard You Say” – wird der Spot begleitet: “Don’t matter if the road is long, don’t matter if it’s steep. Don’t matter if the page is gone, it’s written that we’ll meet. I loved you when you opened, like a lily to the heat. And I love you and encloses, a thousand kisses deep. I know you had to lie to me, I know you had to cheat. You learned it on your father’s knee, and at your mother’s feet. But did you have to fight your way, across the burning street. When all our vital interests lay, a thousand kisses deep”.

in 2D

in 3D


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